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See Miroir des Justices, ch. If then the state of manners be such in any country as left the exertion of this faculty entirely unrestrained, it is evident that except in particular cases when no object of the female sex happened to be within reach any effort of this kind that was exerted by a male upon a male would be so much lost to the community of females.

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I am unable to comprehend how it should be, that to him to whom it is a matter of amusement to see a dog or a horse suffer, it should not be matter of like amusement to see a man suffer; seeing, as I do, how much more morality as well as intelligence, an adult quadruped of those and many other species has in him, than any biped has for some months after he has been brought into existence; nor does it appear to me how it should be, that a person to whom the production of pain, either in the one or in the other instance, is a source of amusement, would scruple to give himself that amusement when he could do so under an assurance of impunity.

While, in some cases, such "fictional" terms as "relation," "right," "power," and "possession" were of some use, in many cases their original warrant had been forgotten, so that they survived as the product of either prejudice or inattention.

To dispose others to engage in the same practises: While each is alike prohibited from partaking of these enjoyments but on the terms of marriage by the fluctuating and inefficacious influence of religion, the censure of the world denies it [to] the female part of the species under the severest penalties while the male sex is left free.

A connection with a woman may by accident be followed with disgust, but a connection of the other kind, a man must know, will for certain come in time to be followed by disgust.

Jeremy Bentham

This observation it must be confessed is not much more satisfactory than that other of the same philosopher when he speaks of two sorts of men--the one born to be masters, the other to be slaves.

For the same reason or some other which is not apparent, for a man to enjoy his wife at unseasonable times in certain systems of laws has been made a capital offence.

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In the case abovementioned, from the character of the person who offered the reward it is natural enough to presume that the sort of pleasure he had in view in offering it was sensual and probably venereal, in which way no new discoveries would be endured.

If contrary to all appearance the case really were that if all men were left perfectly free to choose, as many men would make choice of their own sex as of the opposite one, I see not what reason there would be for applying the word natural to the one rather than to the other.

Upon this footing the business of venereal enjoyment seems actually to stand in some few parts of the world, for instance at Otaheite. But a full-grown horse or dog, is beyond comparison a more rational, as well as a more conversable animal, than an infant of a day or a week or even a month, old.

Whether worse between men and women than between men It seems to be more common for men to apply themselves to a wrong part in women and in this case grave authors have found more enormity than when the sex as well as the part of the object is mistaken.

There has been some debate over the extent to which the rights that Bentham defends are based on or reducible to duties or obligations, whether he can consistently maintain that such duties or obligations are based on the principle of utility, and whether the existence of what Bentham calls "permissive rights"—rights one has where the law is silent—is consistent with his general utilitarian view.

While the meaning he assigns to these rights is largely stipulative rather than descriptive, they clearly reflect principles defended throughout his work.

You sit here on your high horse saying that if you decide that, oh let us just say killing is wrong, and someone breaks into your home and starts to rape or murder your wife or child then you are going to stand back and do nothing?.

The reason which there may be in point of utility or on any other account for treating these people with such severity makes no difference in the sentiments which such severity is calculated to inspire; for whatever reason there may be, they, one may be certain, do not see it.

Properly speaking, there are no rights anterior to government. It was upon the same footing throughout Greece:. Essay on Utilitarianism Words | 3 Pages Utilitarianism Utilitarianism is a moral theory that has long been the subject of philosophical debate.

Essay on Jeremy Bentham’s influence Jeremy Bentham was born in in London, England. He was a utilitarianist, which is the idea that the right judgment is the judgment that brings the most happiness. Also an Atheist, Bentham was seen as the person who popularized utilitarianism.

Bentham believed we could quantify or measure pleasure. Bentham developed this principle throughout a number of writings, including his most significant work of moral philosophy, An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation (). - In this essay I will analyse Jeremy Bentham and John Mill’s Classical Utilitarianism theory.

I will present the objection that the expected impartiality of a moral agent is impractical and therefore seriously undermines the theory itself. According to Bentham's theory of utilitarianism, the actions and institutions should be judged by their contribution to utility, which is in turn measured by calculating the relative contribution to happiness or pleasure, as opposed to pain and it does not take consideration of moral principle values.

Jeremy Bentham Essay Jeremy Bentham (–) worked for legal and political reforms with his ethics providing their philosophical rationale. His ethics is found in his major work, the compendious Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation (), which contains his hedonistic theories of psychology and ethics informing not only his ethical theory but also his impulse to legal and political .

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