A religious ranting on the topic of existence of a deity

There are no real rules. This subject is very broad and attempting to cover the expanse of the African continent with so much religious diversity is quite a challenge. Let me take a simple example of a claim I personally disagree with. Including modernity and socialization. This is what you started with: And that science only inquires into the reality as you define the word.

To avoid fetishising logic, it may be desirable for us to do some reading in basic epistemology. In fact, there may be an infinite number of such beings.

This is no different to the early adoption of the Abrahamic faiths by the Cushites as a result of prolonged contact with Semitic peoples from the Near East; only in the case of the Abrahamic faiths, these new religions completely supplanted the Cushites' original belief system, whereas per Ehret, the Cushites' only adopted the singular concept of Divinity from their Sudanic neighbors.

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One of the primary purposes of this book was to show that the Western practice of putting African religions at the bottom of the religious evolutionary pyramid was primarily an attempt to suggest that their religions were inferior and unevolved; perhaps this article shouldn't be repeating these myths.

Hitchens thinks that "religion spoils everything". The linked wiki pages should have relevant links to the SEP.

Much of Afrocentrism is politically motivated and lacks the rigor of scholarship.

Atheists hate god

I was equally angry with Him for creating a world. When they finally re-classify these unknown languages it will not alter their religion.

Atheism is every bit of a religious commitment as Christianity itself. And yet neither character is real. Only later did their native Niger Congo languages begin to take on some characteristics of Afro-Asiatic languages due to sheer proximity with the Afro-Asiatic speaking peoples of Northeastern Africa.

The problem is that there's not a great deal of Internet access in many African traditional areas. Yet humans have a universal reaction: In fact, I agree with my opponent, that if God timelessly commanded murder to be moral, and morality was dependent on God's commands, that murder in fact would always be right.

I only left it in because there were other refs involved, ones I knew nothing about. In large part this was due to their belief in henotheism that is acknowledging a pluralism of gods.

I tend to edit things I know something about, and tend to leave alone those things I don't know anything about. The term Diaspora is used, because the priestess in the middle white top is an African-American priestess. What force of nature mandates that I live my life according to unseen laws.

Does my opponent wish to suggest that if we alter any of the fixed variables in our universe that nothing will change. The word "old" was used descriptively. Many Africans and descendants adhere to their traditions as a philosophical school-of-thought, with traditions of folk religion or syncretism practised alongside other adherent's tradition I did not add something new, I included it.

You have also suggested that "the citation by Ehret means that there was a change in religion", when this is not at all the case since Ehret himself writes that "the religious beliefs of the proto-Cushites, probably as early as the seventh millennium BCE, came to blend two distinct religious traditions".

Remember, logic is not a fetish. That'd be great in terms of offering diverse perspectives. So let me justify my oppinion:. However, within non-religious groups, it is reasonable to select a definition that fits the majority of the individuals in the group.

For r/DebateAnAtheist, the majority of people identify as agnostic or 'weak' atheists, that is, they lack a belief in a god. That's what I've been saying all along, Science does not address religion, because there are no facts to examine.

Sure, many of the religious feel threatened. Something Ancient can and always demands respects and acceptance. No matter how our opinions are divided. Religion may be few thousand years old but before its existence, I believe every single culture in the human race believed in the existence of something higher than themselves.

Also, your arbitrary ranting about rights notwithstanding, the point still stands that it is the termination of HUMAN LIFE. Which stands with friction against any such idea of evolved morality.

Atheists: No God, just whining

No, you are incorrect - Potential life does not equal actual life. Jul 11,  · Welcome to Religious Forums, a friendly forum to discuss all religions in a friendly surrounding. Your voice is missing! You will need to register to get access to the following site features.

Reply to discussions and create your own threads. Feb 14,  · I am suggesting that belief about the existence or non-existence of a deity is in a different category to belief about the shape of the Earth, and arguing that equating the two types of beliefs is disingenuous at best.

A religious ranting on the topic of existence of a deity
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